RV Unit Sizes

Unit Sizes Door Height – Width
13’W x 32’L 14’H – 12’W
13’W x 34’L 14’H – 12’W
13’W x 44’L 14’H – 12’W
13’W x 46’L 14’H – 12’W
13’W x 78’L (Pull Thru) 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 28’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 34’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 36’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 38’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 40’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 42’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 44’L 14’H —12’W
14’W x 50’L 14’H – 12’W
14’W x 78’L (Pull Thru) 14’H – 12’W
15’W x 32’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 34’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 36’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 38’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 40’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 42’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 44’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 46’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 50’L 14’H – 13’W
15’W x 78’L (Pull Thru) 14’H – 13’W

Boats / Sea Doo’s / Other Storage Sizes

Unit Sizes Door Height – Width
12’W x 20’L 9’H – 11’W
12’W x 20’L 8’H – 11’W
12’W x 28’L 8’H – 11’W
13’W x 20’L 8’H – 11’W
13’W x 28’L 8’H – 12’W
14’W x 28’L 8’H – 12’W
12’W x 26’L 11’H – 11’W
12’W x 30’L 11’H – 11’W
12’W x 32’L 11’H – 11’W
12’W x 56’L (Pull Thru) 11’H – 11’W

Why Choose Us!

  • Accessible 24/7 Personalized Coded Gate Access Keypad
  • Totally Enclosed (All Concrete)
  • Easy I-240 Access
  • Monitored Security Alarms on All Units
  • Electrical Outlets & LED Lighting in Most Units (30 Amp Opt)
  • Security Cameras and Lighting throughout Facility
  • RV Dump Station/Water/Air/Customer Restroom
  • Large 65’ Foot Concrete Driveways for Easy Access
  • Various Storage Sizes
  • Affordable Rates/Easy Payment Options
  • 16+ Years Experience in Boat, RV, and Mini Storage Business